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In order to facilitate service delivery cycle of explosives. drilling. blasting and avoid concerns of CEOs construction projects in the company’s responsibility explosives Kan way to obtaining the nec­essary permits from the relevant bodies formed in 1372 and at the same since the beginning of its activity, which is one of the most active companies in terms of providing services, explosives and implementation of all mining operations, highways, dams, trenches, tunnels and railway infrastructure and operations related to explo­ration work, seismic . oil and gas, exploration and operation of land, the construction of oil and gas pipelines, and water; the manage­ment structure of the complex was always trying to be dynamic and systematic continuous efforts would be in addition to job creation and a positive step contributes to the prosperity and development of its own land and participate in building the Islamic homeland.

The company is also a member of the Association of construction companies and service companies of the Association of Iranian shelling of Appreciation from their employers failed to obtain a na­tional standard and … iso quality certificate, which shows the de­termination of the evolution of the company-kun access to superior quality while maintaining Khlafyt time management has been in the shadows.


Kanrah Company is ranked as a land surveyor from the Planning and Budget Organization


Kanrah company in providing services to mining explosives and mines, drilling and blasting operation in road projects, dam and tunnel is active. The company is committed to the satisfaction of employers consider the nature, extent and effects of environmental and health and safety risk processes and activities, in order to prevent environmental pollution and hazards of the work environ­ment for employees and other parties with respect to the rights and legitimate demands going on in your community.

For this purpose, the system of quality management, environmental and occupational health and safety standards ac­cording to the requirements and demands of OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 14001: 2004, 1809001: 2008 implemented and committed to continuous improvement and revision of related goals it knows.

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