Thursday, 8 June , 2023
KANRAH CO. | Blasting


As one of the most important and the main outdoor stage extraction methods. drilling and blasting operations, so to design an optimized drill­ing and blasting to extract ore in these mines causes the mineral to be extracted with minimal cost . To achieve a desired blasting in surface mining operations to minimize the side effects of blasting and blasting operations so that the relationship between efficiency and costs is opti­mal. One of the goals of the company Con-way is for open pit mining.ex­plosion. The company has introduced consulting professionals can help employers optimize the cost and convenient design .


In general. a controlled fire is a fire where the original stone as possible try to stay healthy and to prevent much damage as a result of stone throwing and the vibration of possible to to have explosion that this will cause damage to sensitive installations and prevent residential areas. The company has two important principles blast pattern design and implementation of plans and operations and the use of explosives Blasting special­ized particularly in sensitive areas favorable to an explosion in the development of Islam­ic homeland to be effective.



In order to increase safety and improve the objectives of the explosion as the first private sector company Con­way transmission honor and exploit technology in the use of the system in the country Nani important projects. such SAGHAND barrier Glvrd Neka gallery Liro dam, iron Baba Ali. Gulalai, settlements and jury Rafsanjan and … that certain conditions of the application of this system has been doubled.

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