about kanrah

This company, as a member of the Association of Road Construction Companies and the Association of Firefighting Services Companies in Iran, has succeeded in obtaining commendation plaques from its employers. This achievement signifies Kan Rah Company’s commitment to achieving national standard certification and ISO quality certificates. It reflects the firm’s steadfast determination towards transformation, reaching superior quality, and maintaining time management under the umbrella of creativity.

To facilitate the provision of hazardous materials services, drilling operations, firefighting, and address the concerns of executive managers of national construction projects regarding the acceptance of responsibility for hazardous materials, Kan Rah Company has been operating since 1372 (1993) by obtaining necessary permits from relevant authorities. In the same year, it began its activities and has since become one of the most active companies in providing hazardous materials services, executing all operations related to road construction, dam construction, tunnels, substructures, railways, and conducting exploration, seismography, oil and gas, geological surveys, and operational activities such as routing oil and gas pipelines and water.


Kan Rah Company holds the first rank in geological surveys from the National Planning and Budget Organization.

The company has implemented quality management, environmental, and occupational health and safety systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. It is committed to continuous improvement and revisiting its objectives related to these systems.

Kan Rah Company operates in the provision of hazardous materials services, extraction of stones in mines, and execution of drilling and firefighting operations in road construction, dam construction, and tunnel projects.

The company is committed to obtaining client satisfaction and, considering the nature, scope, environmental effects, and safety and health risks of its processes and activities, takes steps to prevent environmental pollution and workplace hazards for employees and other stakeholders while respecting the rights and legal requirements of the society.

Kan Rah Company holds the first rank in geological surveys from the National Planning and Budget Organization.

To achieve the above goals, Kan Rah has established its directions and strategies based on the following pillars: