Since one of the most important and fundamental stages of open-pit mining is the drilling and blasting operations, designing an optimal pattern for drilling and blasting in such mines ensures that the mineral is extracted at the lowest cost. Achieving a desirable blast in open-pit mines involves minimizing the side effects of blasting and conducting operations in a way that optimally balances the relationship between blasting efficiency and associated costs. One of the goals of Kan Rah Company in open-pit mining is to achieve efficient extraction. The implementation of any blasting method may not lead to satisfactory results, and therefore, achieving a rational pattern for drilling and initial blasting is a significant step towards determining the final arrangement of blast patterns. Through consultation and the introduction of experienced individuals, the company can assist in optimizing costs and designing suitable plans for employers.

Controlled Blasting

In general, controlled blasting is a type of blasting in which an attempt is made to preserve the primary rock as much as possible and prevent significant damage to it. This minimizes the ejection of rocks and the vibration of waves resulting from the explosion, thereby preventing damage to sensitive facilities and residential areas. The company, with the two fundamental principles of designing blast patterns and implementing the plan and conducting blasting operations with expertise and the use of special explosives, can be effective in achieving a desirable explosion in the inhabited areas of the Islamic homeland.


tunnel System

In order to improve safety conditions and enhance the goals of blasting, Kan Rah Company takes pride as the only private sector to transfer and operate the world’s latest technology in the use of various tunneling systems in the country. Especially for important projects such as Saghand, Golgord Dam, Lerow Dam Galleries, Baba Ali Iron Mines, Golali, Rafsanjan Township, and others, where the special conditions necessitate the use of this system.